Marketing Experience

I am experienced in most areas of marketing including social media management, Google Ads, Snapchat Ads,  and writing reports for clients but I have the most experience in SEO and content creation.


Of all of the different aspects of digital marketing I’ve done I’m best at SEO. While at Y Digital in Spring of 2019 I was taught how to do SEO and completed keyword research, a site audit, and TF-IDF for Parsons Behle as part of a team.

As we were completing out project for Parsons Behle I was approached about working for Cove (a diy security company) as a digital marketing specialist. I took the job in June 2019. While at Cove I’ve done extensive keyword research which identified key opportunities for the company. One example of this is while doing the keyword research I found that there were many keywords related to apartment security that had significant search volumes and very low difficulties. I recognized that since Cove is currently only an indoor security system it is perfect for apartment security.  I found similar opportunities with their combination flood/freeze sensors and other products.

In addition to keyword research I have been tasked with managing, training, writing, optimizing, and posting blog posts to Cove’s site. As part of this optimization I have been performing TF-IDF for the keywords we want the blog posts to rank for. For examples of my SEO writing click here.

SEO programs I’m familiar with:

-Screaming Frog

Google Ads/Snapchat Ads Campaign

While at Y Digital I helped organize our Google Ad and Snapchat Ad Campaigns for a men’s athletic-wear company called Rhone. To start off, we created audience personas. Two of our account assistants took the lead on running the campaign I helped in the creation of the ad sets and audiences we used for our Black Friday and Holiday campaigns. Snapchat campaign budget was $7500.  We achieved over a low end 19x ROAS (or standard 46.85x ROAS) (33.2 for all campaigns) thus far in retargeting campaigns and 2x ROAS in prospecting. The Google Display campaign had a budget of $3000 and achieved a 4x ROAS during Black Friday/Cyber Monday week.

Social Listening For A Fortune 100 Company

Our team was tasked with looking at thousands of website pages that mentioned our clients company. From reading the article we coded the sentiment voiced on the page as “negative” “neutral” “positive” “irrelevant” or as a “broken link” if there was not mention or if we got a 404 error when clicking on the link to the page.

Content Creation

Another part of our work for Rhone involved creating ads for a generic, Black Friday, and holiday campaign. We created ads for Google and Snapchat as well as gifs.  Below are the ads and gifs I created for the Holiday Campaign. Note that the video and and photos were provided for us by Rhone.

Snapchat Prospecting Ad

Google Re-marketing Ad

Conrad Kreutzer's Man cutting down tree holiday ad




Google Re-marketing Ad
Man Conrad Kreutzer's man carrying tree Rhone Ad


Google Re-marketing Ad

Conrad Kreutzer's Stronger Together ad with three men carrying a Christmas tree. Holiday ad

Google Re-marketing Ad

Conrad Kreutzer's man jogging through snowy woods holiday ad



Google Re-marketing Ad

Conrad Kreutzer's Rhone for the Holidays ad with man sitting in chair smiling with a blue sweatshirt



Google Re-marketing Ad

Conrad Kreutzer's Rhone holiday ad of man jogging through the snow in black Rhone clothes

Social Media Management

Another client I worked for is Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals. They turned over management of their Walmart and Sam’s Club Miracle Makers facebook page to us and we were tasked with finding out what CMN Hospitals could do to increase engagement on the page. Through testing out various types of posts and analyzing the posts on the page for the previous months we found that in order to create a stronger connection between the members of the page and CMN Hospitals we needed to give a face to the company, post miracle stories with intriguing images, and give away free swag such as t-shirts with the CMN Hospitals’ logo on it. Since we were given such a short time to work on this project, Y Digital decided to continue to work on this project another semester but since I’m graduating I won’t be on the CMN Hospitals team anymore. Along with deciding what type of posts we should create I was also assigned to write the copy for several of them.

Advertising/ More Content Creation

Below is a link to the plans book I created in InDesign for my Advertising class.  I single handedly assembled all of my team’s work into an InDesign document. I found the photos, chose the fonts and wrote/edited most of the text. We spent hours doing market and brand research before creating our ads.  All of the ads below were created by me.

DC Shoes Plans Book (Color)

DC Plans Book Cover

Conrad Kreutzer's advertising plans book cover with the DC logo made out of the elements such as fire, water, lightning, and rock



Strike Lightning Ad

Conrad's Strike Lightning ad for DC with skateboarder doing a trick



The Ultimate Bowl Ad

Conrad's The Ultimate Bowl Ad with skateboarder riding toward a tornado


Command the Avalanche Ad

Conrad Kreutzer's Command the Avalanche DC Shoes ad on the back of a ski lift filled with a family